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Corporate Identification

A correct management of user/client data and also the internal know-how and best practices are becoming everyday more and more important for company’s success. Moreover, a secure identification of the workforce and its physical and logical accesses is becoming essential for insurance and social security purposes, but also for confidential data protection.

Card Tech’s Biometric Smart Card will allow for a substantial increase in security, making user and employee authentication certain, becoming the ideal method for physical and logical access control.

Thanks to the secure architecture of Card Tech’s patented Biometric Smart Card, user’s sensitive information are saved inside the device’s encrypted memory only, and are verified inside the system. In other words, no central databases are needed, the biometric data never leave the Biometric Smart Card: in this way, data breaches are prevented. All this in full compatibility with the existing access control infrastructure.

The Biometric Smart Card is the best solution for:

Physical Access Control

  • Badge Replacement – RFID/Dual Interface
  • Door and Gate Electronic Locks – RFID/Dual Interface, contact
  • Turnstiles – RFID/Dual Interface, contact
  • Check-in Systems – contact


Logical Access Control

  • OTP-based Token – contact, RFID/Dual Interface/Display Card
  • OTP generator Card – contact/Display card
  • Keyring Unlock – RFID/Dual Interface, contact
  • Web- and net-based Services – RFID/Dual Interface, contact/Display Card