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National ID

The univocal identification of the citizen will be the keystone for a complete and secure realization of all e-government and digital identity projects worldwide.

Card Tech’s Biometric Smart Card is the ideal method to allow the citizen accessing services in secure and user friendly fashion, fully safeguarding their privacy. On the government side, this technology allows to leverage current infrastructure and the opportunity of not directly managing biometric databases of users/citizens fingerprints will grant big savings in terms of both implementation costs and maintenance.

Besides ID and healthcare card, Card Tech’s Biometric Smart will be the ideal identification device for residency permit, asylum seekers/refugees ID cards, but also financial inclusion programs that will soon go mainstream in the developing countries.

  • Citizen Digital Identity Card for e-government services – RFID/Dual Interface, contact
  • VISA, Residency Permit Card – RFID/Dual Interface, contact
  • Financial inclusion and Healthcare programs card – RFID/Dual Interface, contact
  • Passport/ID Card – RFID/Dual Interface, contact
  • Driving License (generic and specific [i.e. taxi license]) – RFID/Dual Interface, contact