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Frauds targeting payment card holders are a plague totaling billion dollars every year, and this losses impose huge costs elements for banks and payments circuits worldwide. Citizens, having experienced the convenience of the biometric sensors unlocking their smartphones, ask for more secure and user friendly ways to use their payment cards.

Originally developed to address this specific needs, Card Tech’s Biometric Smart Card is the final instrument to reduce frauds, both in card-present and card-not-present (e-commerce and on-line or mobile payments) environment, making PINs and passwords a distant memory.

Card Tech’s patented solution, being developed in compliance with ISO standards, is compatible with the current infrastructure such as POSs and ATMs, also with contactless payments.

Thanks to the embedded fingerprint sensor and the match-on-card technology, user’s payment and biometric data are saved exclusively on the encrypted memory inside the Biometric Smart Card developed by Card Tech. In case the device is stolen or lost, it’s use would not be possible and the data would be inaccessible.

  • Debit Card – contact, NFC/Dual Interface
  • Credit Card – contact, NFC/Dual Interface
  • Prepaid Card – contact, NFC/Dual Interface
  • Home Banking/OTP Secure Access Card – contact, NFC/Dual Interface/Display Card